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On the web there are several types of wheels. However, the main ones are the American version, the French version and the European version. In addition to these three main versions there are more than 30 types of free roulette games on the internet.

Different roulette games?

There are several variations of the game of online roulette. Each of them has its strengths as well as its weaknesses. These different variations have their followers among the thousands of players around the world. Some prefer American roulette, others European roulette. Another category of player would opt for French roulette when others would prefer mini roulette, etc. Either way, you can try them all before making your choice. You can then judge whether it is necessary to make real bets.

American roulette

Ultra known in physical casinos in Uncle Sam’s country, American roulettealso enjoys an excellent reputation in online roulette games. It has many similarities with European roulette. However, two major differences should be noted: American roulette has one more space than its European counterpart. This online English roulette therefore has a double zero. The second major difference is the house edge, which is more important in this American version of online roulette. It is 5.26% compared to 2.70% for European online roulette. In addition to these aspects, it should be noted that with American roulettes, bets can be made either on single numbers or on groups of numbers. American roulette therefore stands out particularly for its simplicity.

European roulette

One of the free online roulette games, European roulette has several advantages. It gives players a greater chance of winning. Free European Roulette does not have a double zero like American Roulette. Even though the house advantage here is significantly lower than that of American roulette, you should note that this variant * of free roulette * is the most popular in the world. It has a total of 37 numbers. Players then have the option of betting on numbers between 1 and 36. In this variant of free online roulette, zero is of particular importance. Indeed it has no color (neither black nor red). Moreover, it is not even and odd.

French roulette

Among the free online roulette models, French roulette is one of the most popular. It has a cylindrical board and a betting table. The numbers are 37. They range from 0 to 36. In this casino game, there are only two colors: red and black. One of the main features of free roulette is that it only has a 0 slot, differentiating it from its counterpart, online English roulette. Still in the category of differences, the number of players can be greater than 7 when it cannot exceed this number with American roulette. With French roulette, it is impossible to place bets on the first 5 digits. In addition, its house advantage is 2.7% as is the case with its sister European roulette.

Mini roulette

Provided by the NetEnd Company, Mini Roulette is an online roulette casino game. It has the same rules as classic roulette. However, it only has thirteen numbers. When you log into this online casino roulette game, you have the option to play a demo to test the game. This version of the roulette game is free and available without a download. Mini Roulette includes a third of the so-called traditional roulettes. Its redistribution rate is 97.76%. It therefore remains a fairly profitable table game. In the game interface, players have the option of removing or even clearing bets. Of course, several other features are available on the platform. This free online roulette game is available in a free version or for real money.

3D Roulette

A free online roulette game, 3D Roulette was developed at Soft BET. Its configuration makes it extremely attractive and immerses you in the world of physical casinos. This is free roulette available without a download. Its design was mainly based around the European roulette model. The developers have gone out of their way to give players a unique experience, as its infographic borders on the pinnacle of perfection. Sound effects and three-dimensional visual effects immerse you in a real casino from your living room. Thanks to its super camera, you have the magnificent possibility of changing your point of view. In this way, you will have the feeling of moving around the gaming table. This feature will certainly add spice to your games. Its handling is excellent.

Live Dealer Roulette

Of all the online casino roulette games, there is one that does not offer free spins. In this version of casino games, you face a live dealer. The game is then broadcast via a high definition video. This retransmission has nothing to envy to a TV program. The various parts of the game are effectively filmed in a studio and broadcast live to players who have consented to various efforts to participate. Live Dealer Roulette even gives the player the opportunity to chat live with the dealer.that he faces. This online game is designed so that you will not get bored. Once on the platform, you have the possibility to face several different croupiers. In addition, the decor of the game is constantly changing as well as that of the gaming tables. The decor of the tables varies depending on the level of the player in the game.


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