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Betting on a spinning roulette wheel can be one of the most exciting activities both at land-based and online casinos – however, not every gambling enthusiast knows how to play online roulette win real money. Probably many of us had to quite the casino, leaving a hundred-dollar bill to a virtual or real dealer. The least you want is to part with your hard-earned money. However, many casual gamblers do this because they do not know the effective betting systems and strategies for this game.

We must say right away that this post is not a guide to how to win online roulette every time, since there are no strategies that provide 100% results. However, if you get lost, we want to give you a good basis for making a profit while playing at online casino.

Helpful Tips on How to Beat Roulette

Here are a few things you should know before placing bet on a spinning wheel:

  1. Choose as many numbers as possible for your bet to increase your winning odds. The mistake of many newbies who do not know how to play online roulette (win real money) is that they place their bet on a single number.
  2. Use mathematically-based betting strategies such as d’Alembert, Martingale, Fibonacci systems and others – however, don’t rely on them. While each of these strategies can make you a winning player in the long run, the risks of major losses increase.
  3. Remember that online roulette uses RNG, so there is no wheel offset can be there.
  4. Make sure you play at a good casino you can trust. For example, if you prefer Live Dealer roulette, we recommend choosing a gambling platform powered by Revolution Gaming or NetEnt, the best providers of software solutions for Live Casino.
  5. Understand the different types of roulette and choose the one that offers the best winning odds. Wondering can you play online roulette, win real money? Choose the European or French version of the game as they offer high winning odds.

Equally important is how you manage your budget – learn the basics of sound bankroll management before playing any real money casino game.

Can You Win Big at Online Roulette?

Roulette is one of the most popular games due to its high winning potential. However, keep in mind that you are almost entirely dependent on luck — not skill — every time you spin the roulette wheel. So, you can make a risky bet with a large payout multiplier and win big in one spin. However, this scenario is very rare. So, we recommend focusing on less risky bets. While not as impressive in payouts, they are still safer for your wallet.

So, we want to give some additional tips that will save you from major losses:

  • Opt for Outside Bets as they offer the highest winning odds.
  • If Inside Bets still seems tempting to you, try combination bet, which might be the best answer to how to play online roulette (win real money) and hit a jackpot.
  • Remember that the casino always has an edge – however, it does not win on every bet. The bottom line is that you should be able to leave on time having a good profit.

In addition, we recommend playing online trainers and game demos to improve your skills without investment.


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