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Modern online casino offers a lot of fun games and slots, which, frankly, take your breath away! Here any user finds a game that holds his attention for a long time. Among the most dynamic casino games, Roulette takes a special place. Try to visit a land-based casino at least once and you will see that the noisiest table with a lot of players will certainly be a Roulette one.

For those who choose the fastest table games, Roulette is the best choice. Here, you will have time to lose several times and win several times in just 5 minutes. For those who prefer a slower and more measured game tone, the best games are Blackjack and Poker. If you want to play online with a live dealer, then choose Live free European Roulette.

Special rules and principles for European Roulette

Any experienced casino player knows that Roulette has several varieties. They are not very different from each other, but still there are certain unlike points between them. If you are going to play online Roulette, then get ready to make a choice, which type of game is most preferable for you.

American, French and European are three most popular variations of this table game. The key difference between them is on the wheel itself, which the dealer rotates. At American Roulette, you will see 2 Zeros on the wheel. At the French and European versions, only one “0” sign is represented on the wheel.

If you are a player with a lot of experience and know how to win at Roulette, you probably prefer the American format. Yes, it is more difficult to win in this type of game, but the taste of victory here is much sweeter. In short, for the most gambling users, it is American Roulette that is of the greatest interest.

The features of free European Roulette rules can be briefly described as follows:

  1. Casino beginners should remember that unlike the American type, European Roulette uses casino price tokens, and not colored chips for each player;
  2. As a rule, no more than eight gamers play European Roulette at the gaming table;
  3. Free European Roulette tables are small with one wing, where the wheel and one playing field are placed;
  4. The casino’s advantage at European Roulette is 2.70%. It will be reduced to 1.35% if the En Prison or La Partage rules for Zero and equal chance bets are allowed at the table through the game.

The basic principles of the free European Roulette are identical to the rules of French game. But there is one small difference – at the European game it is customary to use terminology in English. Otherwise, the rules are very similar.

How to play Live Roulette at a free online simulator?

If you are tired of playing a single online game with a computer program, then it’s time to try live online casino mode. Here you can play various table games with a real dealer, including Live Roulette. If you are not ready to spend your money on betting for Live European Roulette, download free simulator on your device and enjoy the dynamic game day and night long.

Instructions to practice Live European Roulette free online, using free simulator:

  • Choose a training program on the Internet with the best free Roulette games;
  • Install a suitable simulator for your gadget;
  • Learn its settings and read the rules;
  • Once you understand how to use the Roulette simulator correctly, start a game.

With the help of European Roulette free game simulator, you will soon be able to increase your level and become a real game expert. At the same time, you absolutely do not need to spend money on the game! Practice the gameplay, come up with new successful strategies, and one day you will definitely be able to beat any online casino at Roulette!


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